CineClub September 2015


hugo 2011 posterWelcome back to CineClub at the University of Sunderland. The first film for the new semester is Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (2011), starting in Fresher’s Week. The film won multiple Oscars at the 2012 Academy Awards, mainly for its spectacular audio palette and visual effects.

If you’d like to attend then please feel free to make your way to the Cinema in the Media Centre (room mc207). The event starts at 4:30pm.

CineClub is a community driven organisation and students are central to picking the films,  promoting them, as well as guiding discussion around their choices. It’s a relaxed and informal environment for cinema lovers to share their passion and meet new people from diverse backgrounds. Screenings are free.

“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn’t give you what you desire – it tells you how to desire.”
― Slavoj Žižek

New year, new films

Stay tuned for a new announcement regarding the films planned for the first part of the new semester. There’s a target date of Wednesday 17th of September.

Screening: Heat (5pm March 5th)

Epic! Epic! Epic!Heat Poster 1995

This week’s film is a loooooooooong one, in the form of Heat (1995, US, d. Michael Mann).

In case you missed it, it’s an epic!  This is mainly due to the onscreen collaboration between Robert Di Nero and Al Pacino when they were still good actors and not parodies of themselves (“Ooh-rah!”). It also features Val Kilmer, but never mind, eh?

Essentially this is a film about professional bank robbers who begin to feel the ‘heat’ from the police after leaving behind a clue at their last heist. It was the film behind the inspiration for the bank robbery sequence in GTA IV’s ‘Three Leaf Clover’ mission. The central story is based on real-life experiences of the former Chicago police officer, Chuck Adamson, who pursued a 1960s criminal gang led by Neil McCauley – who happens to be the name of the character played by De Niro here.

It’s a long film at 2 hours 50 mins so bring supplies.

Check out the trailer below:

As ever, screenings are FREE and all friends of CineClub are welcome

When and where: MC207 Cinema, 5pm, Wednesday 5th March 2014


Screenings: Missing in Action 3

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller


Woah! It looks like I may have missed a few screening announcements since the new semester started. Apologies folks. Hopefully you all coped with the emails and posters around campus? Anyway, this is what I may have missed:

Feb 5th: Robocop (1987, US, d. P. Verhoeven)

Feb 12th:

Feb 19th: Hannah and Her Sisters (1986, US, d. W. Allen)

Feb 26th: The Opposite of Sex (1998, US, d. D. Roos)



Screening: 8 Mile (4th Dec, 5pm)


This week’s film is 8 Mile (2002, US, d. Curtis Hanson) featuring the late Brittany Murphy and Kim Basinger alongside l’enfant terrible, Eminem. The film features the rapper’s hit ‘Lose Yourself’ – which he can be seen writing the lyrics on his hand in the film poster. It was the first film to have a rap/hip-hop song win an Academy Award.

Eminem stars as B-Rabbit, a wannabe rapper from the wrong side of Detroit’s 8 Mile, whose life is spiralling out of control. Everything hinges on the next rap showdown at the club – but can he make the grade?

Check out the trailer below:

As ever, screenings are FREE and all friends of CineClub are welcome

When and where: MC207 Cinema, 5pm, Wednesday 4th December 2013

Heads up! There’s been a change to the running order! Tonight’s screening of Robocop has been replaced with some Dr Who nonsense. Somebody must be having a birthday or something…

“Let me get this straight. A thing that looks like a police box, standing in a junkyard, it can move anywhere in time and space?”

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Cineclub presents a double-bill featuring two incarnations of the errant Timelord. The evening begins with the show’s very first episode, ‘An Unearthly Child’, where we’re introduced to a Doctor far-removed from more recent regenerations.

The second story is a bone fide classic – the Douglas Adams’ penned ‘City of Death’. Starring Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor, you can expect long scarves, a violent butler and maybe a jelly baby or two!

Come and join the celebration in the Media Centre cinema – luckily it’s bigger on the inside. The screening will be introduced by John Paul Green – who’s definitely bigger on the outside!

As ever, screenings are FREE and all friends of CineClub are welcome

When and where: MC207 Cinema, 5pm, Wednesday 2th November 2013

Screening: Chungking Express (20th Nov, 5pm)

Chungking ExpressThis week’s film takes us to south-east Asia and to a darling of the independent world cinema scene, Wong Kar-Wai (In The Mood For Love, Happy Together2046, etc). This is a director who has been nominated for the Palme D’or at Cannes no less than 4 times! However, it is to his early work that CineClub turns its attention this week.

Chungking Express (1994) details the love, loss and isolation of two cops in the culturally diverse city of Hong Kong. Carefully blending genres, Wong Kar-Wai uses elements from comedy, romance and action to set the scene of Hong Kong during its cultural shift from  British rule to independence under Chinese government.

This is the film that really brought the director much critical attention. He won the Best Director award at the 1995 Hong Kong Film Awards  as well as the Golden Horse award.

Check out the trailer below

As ever, screenings are FREE and all friends of CineClub are welcome

When and where: MC207 Cinema, 5pm, Wednesday 20th November 2013

Screening: Memento (13th November, 5pm)

Christopher Nolan is increasingly hailed as Hollywood’s saviour of the ailing franchise (Batman and Superman), so it’s easy to forget that his breakthrough feature was a challenging ‘art-house’ noir made for $5 million and released by a novice distributor after no other company would touch it.Memento poster

But Memento (2000, US, d. Christopher Nolan) has, in some ways, become the ultimate ‘puzzle narrative’ and since one of the defining  features of this trend is the desire, the need to see the film again to REALLY understand it, here is your chance to revisit it. This is a film where the DVD edition had a hidden special option to play the film in chronological order just in case viewers were still confused.

Memento earned Christopher and Jonathan Nolan a Best Writing Oscar nomination as well as a Best Film Editing nomination for Dody Dorn. It also went on to win a brace of screenwriting awards (AFI Awards, Boston Society, London Critics Circle, etc).

Guy Pearce plays a man, suffering from short-term memory loss, who uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.

Check out the trailer below:

As ever, screenings are FREE and all friends of CineClub are welcome

When and where: MC207 Cinema, 5pm, Wednesday 13th November 2013

Lithuanian Poetic Documentary – Nov 7th and 14th

In case you were unaware of this event, our friends at the wonderfully intimate Side Cinema (Newcastle) are hosting a series of screenings highlighting some of the best films from the Lithuanian documentary film tradition. Here’s a taster of their intriguing offering:

“Two screenings bring together 7 of the best from Lithuania’s documentary film tradition. In the Soviet era, poetic documentary became a response to socialist realism and its ubiquitous, mandatory expressions of love for the ‘Great Homeland’. Filmmakers turned to an exploration of little things, social marginalia, the daily experience of an inner life. Long shots, minimal dialogue, even the abandonment of narrative, experiment became part of the struggle for cultural identity and has continued since independence. An unmissable opportunity to see these key Lithuanian films, made between 1965 and 1994, recently restored and digitised.

Thursday 14 November explores the Soviet Era: The Old Man and the Land (Robertas Verba, 1965, 20min); The Dreams of the Centenarians (Robertas Verba, 1969, 20min); Time Passes Through the City(Almantas Grikevičius, 1966, 20min); A Trip Across Misty Meadows (Henrikas Šablevičius, 1973, 10min). 7.30pm, £5/£4 concessions. Buy Tickets

Thursday 21 November explores post-independence documentaries: Ten Minutes Before the Flight of Icarus (Arūnas Matelis, 1990, 10min);Earth of the Blind (Audrius Stonys, 1992, 24min);The Black Box (Algimantas Maceina, 1994, 38min). 7.30pm, £5/£4 concessions. Buy Tickets

All screenings in Lithuanian with English subtitles. More information from the Lithuanian Documentary Event FB page. Tickets can also be bought at Side Gallery.

This restoration and presentation of these films forms part of a cultural initiative organised to represent the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The project initiator and curator was NGO Meno Avilys. It was brought to Side Cinema by Newcastle Lithuanian Forum.”

For more info be sure to check out their site (regularly of course!):