Control (December 7th)

We are back after our brief hiatus with a cracking film for music fans with an interest in the British post-punk era.  Brought to us by photographer to the stars, Anton Corbijn, this excursion into the world of film explores the highs and lows of the life of Ian Curtis – lead singer of post-punk pioneers Warsaw (later named Joy Division). Joy Division are one of the most pivotal and influential bands within the British indie scene still to this day, and went on to become New Order.

Sam Riley puts in a great performance as the talented but troubled Curtis, as does Samantha Morton playing his wife Deborah, in this biopic based on her biography ‘Touching from a Distance’.  The film coveys the emotion and energy of a musical and cultural phenomenon of a particular time and place – a black and white North-West England in the 1970s – and focuses on Curtis’ complex relationships with the two women in his life, his band-mates and ultimately himself.

This is quite a beautiful film to look at, somewhat surprising given the bleakness of the context and the subject matter. Corbijn and Martin Ruhe (the Director of Photography) do a remarkable job of making every frame in every sequence look like it could be hung upon a gallery wall.  They teamed up again for Corbin’s subsequent film, The American, starring George Clooney. Check out the trailer for Control below:

As ever, screenings are FREE and everyone is welcome

When and where: MC207 Cinema, 5pm, 7th December 2011