Here’s a taster of things to come


Thought you got the better of us? Thought it was over? Huh? Huh? Thought that summer had finished us off, did you? We’re like the Fast and the Furious franchise – no, not full of cars and impossible tricks – we’re gonna keep coming back whether you like us or not! Like Jason Voorhees leaping out of the shadows in the Friday the 13th movies, CineClub is back from the dead and we’re unstoppable and we’re coming for you. And by that I meant we’re coming to the Cinema in the Media Centre.

[“Er….?”:  Editor]

Sorry about that – it’s been a while since I posted last. Sometimes I suffer from a bit of cabin fever and act like a bit of a psycho. Something’s gotta give, right?

Let’s get to the point! Word has it that a few films have been agreed by the secretive CineClub authorities. Not all the films have been chosen yet – that depends on the community. If you want to get involved then come along to Cineclub (every Wednesday of term at 5pm in MC207). We have a number of blank weeks in the schedule that need filling so get your thinking hats on!

Without further ado, here’s the immediate schedule of films:

What is CineClub?

It’s an informal weekly get-together of staff and students who like watching interesting films. The films are suggested by regular participants, so if you don’t like what’s on offer….

  1. come along and join the discussion afterwards to argue why and
  2. suggest something better for later in the semester.

You don’t have to be a Film or Media student to come along. We’ve even been known to let Sociologists in…

The screenings take place in the state-of-the-art (OK – maybe not 3-D yet…) cinema, which is in room MC207 of the Media Centre.  You get to see great films in a great setting ABSOLUTELY FREE. And talk about them. And go to the pub afterwards. Which is nice.

To get a flavour of the filmic gems that have been on before, check out our Previous Schedules. There’s a little bit of everything at CineClub