And the 2012 Academy Award goes to …

… The CineClub for the most obvious blog post of the year! I’d like to thank the academy for the recognition; my management for, um, whatever it is they do; my wife for her patience; and you, loyal reader, for returning to this site again and again.

It’s the big night for glamourous folk lucky enough to be attending the 84th Oscars. Here at CineClub we like to think we have our critical fingers on the pulse so we want to hear your thoughts regarding the expected winners. Do you think The Artist will win the Best Picture award? Will Jean Dujardin beat Brad Pitt and George Clooney to the Best Actor award? Will the Oscar-veteran Meryl Streep win for doing her impression of one of the most hated politicians in recent British history, or will Michelle Williams take it for her unconvincing Monroe imitation?

The nominations have also drew criticism for failing to include the critic’s favourite We Need To Talk About Kevin. Are there any other glaring omissions? Let us know your thoughts below!