We bring you … CineClub Extreme

On the 10th of October we bring you something new. CineClub Extreme is an offshoot of CineClub focussing on provocative cinema, and it starts on Thursday the 10th of October at 6pm.

cineclub extreme - Cannibal Holocaust

Cineclub Extreme aims to provide a forum to discuss a wide variety of cinema, both historic and contemporary, that has been deemed difficult or challenging for a variety of different reasons, examining shifts in attitude and reasons behind the demarcation and deployment of the term “extreme.”

While content may occasionally be contentious, it is not the aim of Cineclub Extreme to be deliberately provocative, and the intention is not to push the boundaries of acceptability or to deliberately offend. We aim to use the forum to critically analyse the films, and the social and political landscape that positioned them as challenging.

However, because of the nature of the club, screening often difficult, frequently challenging and the most extreme that cinema has to offer, there is the possibility of offence.

Things kick off first with Cannibal Holocaust (1980, Italy, dir. )

Check out the trailer below:

As ever, screenings are FREE and all friends of CineClub are welcome but be prepared to bring an open mind (not an open wound!)

When and where: MC207 Cinema, Thursdays 6pm