CineClub September 2015


hugo 2011 posterWelcome back to CineClub at the University of Sunderland. The first film for the new semester is Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (2011), starting in Fresher’s Week. The film won multiple Oscars at the 2012 Academy Awards, mainly for its spectacular audio palette and visual effects.

If you’d like to attend then please feel free to make your way to the Cinema in the Media Centre (room mc207). The event starts at 4:30pm.

CineClub is a community driven organisation and students are central to picking the films,  promoting them, as well as guiding discussion around their choices. It’s a relaxed and informal environment for cinema lovers to share their passion and meet new people from diverse backgrounds. Screenings are free.

“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn’t give you what you desire – it tells you how to desire.”
― Slavoj Žižek